• on Sat Jul 2 1:00 AM

    Independent Scotland in the euro 'like Greece without the sun', Nicola Sturgeon warned


    Nicola Sturgeon’s push for independence following last week’s Brexit vote threatens to transform Scotland into “Greece without the sun” because its economy is far more reliant on the UK than the EU, a right-wing think tank has warned. The...
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    on Fri Jul 1 11:04 PM

    Mexico airlifts food to coastal region as protesting teachers cut off roads


    Fifty tons of maize were also sent from the neighboring state of Guerrero by truck, in addition to regular shipments of beans, and rice. On Friday, Mexico's [1]Secretary of the Interior promised action against the blockades in Oaxaca, saying...
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  • on Fri Jul 1 9:00 AM

    Donald Trump cites Ronald Reagan as a protectionist hero. Was he?


    Republicans have long cited President Ronald Reagan as a hero of conservatism. But in a June 28 speech in Monessen, Pa., presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump did something different: He painted Reagan as a hero of...
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    on Fri Jul 1 9:00 AM

    SRSLY: BoJo, The #Brexit Bro


    by David Epstein SRSLY The best reporting you probably missed David Epstein Welcome to SRSLY, an (experimental) newsletter highlighting under-exposed accountability journalism. We'll distill...
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  • How to win at social video

    BUSINESS | BUSINESS INSIDER | on Fri, Jul 1, 9:30 PM

    Shuttershock/Lukas GojdaThis story was delivered to BI Intelligence "Digital Media Briefing" subscribers. To learn more and subscribe, please click here. A new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism investigates...
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    on Fri Jul 1 9:16 PM

    Thousands of Hongkongers protest over China bookseller abductions


    Thomson ReutersHONG KONG (Reuters) - Thousands of Hong Kong residents marched in protest on the 19th anniversary of the financial hub's return to Chinese rule on Friday as tensions simmer against Chinese authorities over the abductions of several...
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  • on Fri Jul 1 10:21 PM

    Can Existing Institutions Produce the Leaders That the World Needs?


    Sasha Dichter is Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen, a nonprofit aimed at addressing poverty. Asked what subject Americans ought to be debating more, he wondered if existing institutions can produce leaders capable of solving this century’s most...
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    Brand-Name Drug Makers Wary of Letting Generic Rival Join Their Club

    ELECTION 2012 | NEW YORK TIMES | on Fri, Jul 1, 6:16 PM

    Teva Pharmaceuticals wants to join PhRMA, a powerful trade association, raising alarm among drug companies facing disputes over high prices.
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