Offers Three Distinct Editions: Personalized 'DailyMe,' Community-Driven 'DailyWe,' Editor-Selected 'Top News'


Licensed News Content, Advanced Delivery Provide Unparalleled Experience



HOLLYWOOD, FL, June 18, 2008 – DailyMe, Inc. (, an interactive media and technology start-up, today announced the launch of, a new user-centric news destination that offers top-quality content and advanced features as well as three distinct editions: personalized, community driven and editor selected.


-        DailyMe, the traditional (original) DailyMe service, lets users pick the news they're interested in based on categories, news sources and keywords.

-        DailyWe provides users with a new way to view stories, as determined by the DailyMe community.

-        Top News provides the current top stories as selected by the DailyMe editorial team.


The new destination builds on DailyMe's core strengths of robust content – both licensed and user-generated – and advanced delivery options, which include web views, RSS, email and automated printing. DailyMe's three editions allow users to select the news they wish to receive based on the level of personalization they seek.


All three DailyMe editions are available for free on the DailyMe homepage (


"The launch of our new DailyMe news destination represents an important next step in our evolution as an advanced news provider. The three editions that comprise the new site allow users to choose precisely the level of personalization they wish for their DailyMe – fully customized, community driven or editor selected – and then pick how and when they want to view their news. With all three editions, we continue to offer the highest-quality licensed and user-generated content as well as the variety of delivery options and advanced tools users have come to enjoy. Importantly, our visitors can read licensed news stories in their entirety without leaving DailyMe," said Eduardo Hauser, DailyMe's founder and CEO.


About DailyMe, Inc.

DailyMe, Inc. ( is a media and technology start-up offering: (a) a user-centric news destination, (b) a platform for publishers to enhance their sites and (c) tools for individual publishers to enrich their users' experience. DailyMe offer a multi-dimensional approach to news content and delivery by allowing users to select the level of personalization they want. DailyMe aggregates its news content from top-tier publishers around the world. Additional benefits include an automated printing feature for delivery and the ability to read full-length articles in their entirety within the DailyMe domain.  By building a bridge between news media/journalism and technology, DailyMe has created a powerful platform and an unparalleled news experience for users globally. DailyMe is a free service.