DailyMe Launches Meme-It


Users Can Now Categorize Stories Based on Six Distinct Descriptors


DailyWe Section Now Shows News by Emotion and Popularity



HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Business Wire EON) August 20, 2008 -- DailyMe, Inc. (http://dailyme.com) is putting a face to the news.


The interactive media and technology start-up today announced the launch of Meme-It, which allows users to vote on news stories based on the responses the stories trigger. DailyMe users can choose from six distinct descriptors by clicking on the appropriate Meme-It icon, which is a small, descriptive graphic based on the smiley.



In addition, Meme-It descriptors are now being used to rank stories on the community-driven DailyWe section of the website. By clicking on a particular Meme-It descriptor at the top of the DailyWe community page, users can see a list of stories that other readers have judged to fit that emotion. For example, readers might choose to view the most uplifting stories of the day or week. Alternatively, they might select the most tragic. Meme-It allows DailyWe to provide greater context to the stories it presents than simple up-and-down voting would allow.



Community-driven news represents an important facet of the DailyMe experience, so we've been seeking a more meaningful ranking of stories that goes beyond simple popularity. Ultimately, the news stories that matter most to us are those that trigger an emotional response, whether insightful or tragic, humorous or uplifting. By launching Meme-It, we are acknowledging the emotional nature of news and allowing users to share their own responses with the entire DailyMe community," said Neil Budde, President, Chief Product Officer of DailyMe.



The six Meme-It descriptors available to users are: "insightful," "tragic," "humorous," "uplifting," "enlightening" and "just weird."



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