DailyMe Introduces Publisher Solutions, Turning Traditional News Sites into Advanced Online Destinations


Provides Critical Tools for Publishers and Broadcasters Looking to Increase Profitability and Reach New Userss


Allows Readers to Customize Their Experience, Search and Interact with Content, and Receive News Via Scheduled Email, RSS, Automated Printing



HOLLYWOOD, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DailyMe, Inc., an interactive media and technology start-up, announced today the launch of its Publisher Solutions suite, which offers publishers a set of critically important tools to compete for online readers and advertising dollars.


DailyMe's Publisher Solutions (http://dailyme.com/solutions) allows publishers of high-quality news sites, including newspapers and broadcasters, to transform them into advanced online news destinations using the same technology that drives the successful DailyMe.com, one of the most advanced news destinations on the web. It also gives publishers the ability to provide features that let readers customize, personalize, aggregate, publish, share and interact with the news that interests them most.



By licensing DailyMe's news platform, publishers will be able to:




"We are in the midst of a challenging time for publishers. Unprecedented creation of new content and the availability of old content make it very difficult for users to find and consume relevant, trustworthy information. To serve this need, we have launched DailyMe's Publisher Solutions, to give publications the ability to transform their websites into true, advanced news destinations with the tools and customization required by today's online consumers. Through Publisher Solutions, we are licensing the same technology used to power the successful DailyMe news destination, including personalization, search, advanced delivery and access to the DailyMe content network. With DailyMe's Publisher Solutions, high-quality news can remain a viable and vibrant business," said Eduardo Hauser, DailyMe's founder and Chief Executive Officer.



By powering their sites with DailyMe technology, publishers can expect a direct impact in some of their core metrics, including:




DailyMe is demonstrating its technology and will be available to review Publisher Solutions at its booth at the Online News Association 2008 Annual Conference on Sept. 11-13 in Washington, DC.


About DailyMe, Inc.

DailyMe, Inc. (http://dailyme.com) is a media and technology start-up offering: (a) a user-centric news destination, (b) a platform for publishers to enhance their sites and (c) tools for individual publishers to enrich their users' experience. DailyMe offer a multi-dimensional approach to news content and delivery by allowing users to select the level of personalization they want. DailyMe aggregates its news content from top-tier publishers around the world. Additional benefits include an automated printing feature for delivery and the ability to read full-length articles in their entirety within the DailyMe domain.  By building a bridge between news media/journalism and technology, DailyMe has created a powerful platform and an unparalleled news experience for users globally. DailyMe is a free service.


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