DailyMe Launches Dynamic Newstogram™ Personalization Technology

Introduces Advanced Recommendation Tool for Online Publishers


HOLLYWOOD, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Digital media and technology company DailyMe Inc. today unveiled its new destination site at DailyMe.com with unique features including dynamic personalization powered by its “Newstogram™” technology, an advanced behavioral recommendation platform for digital news content.

In addition to featuring this new technology on DailyMe.com, DailyMe is offering the service to online publishing partners as a means to provide a more relevant experience to more deeply engage visitors, increase site metrics, and generate higher ad revenues while reducing costs.

Newstogram™ operates in the background, tracking and analyzing what news users read at a granular level to understand the people, organizations, teams and other specific subjects a reader is interested in. The data generated by this process enables the publisher to make personalized news recommendations based on each user’s news interests.

Publishers who use DailyMe’s Newstogram™ can expect the following benefits:

  1. Better, more detailed understanding of readers’ interests.
  2. Personalized news recommendations to users to drive relevance and promote site engagement and loyalty.
  3. Enhanced precision ad-targeting from this deeper understanding of readers’ news preferences.

“The success of the news industry online will depend heavily on publishers’ ability to communicate with their readers on a personal level, both through their content and advertising. As information becomes more fragmented and dispersed, users are finding it harder to connect with relevant content. DailyMe's experience in the field of content personalization is a significant asset now available to the news industry in general,” said DailyMe founder Eduardo Hauser.

Newstogram joins the suite of DailyMe Publisher Solutions that offers news discovery, distribution and engagement through personalization as well as contextual and behavioral targeting. The basic Newstogram™ service will be offered for free to major news publishers. Enhanced functions including use of the Newstogram™ data and/or DailyMe tools and content will require use of DailyMe’s APIs or applications.

Hauser added: “We believe that success in the personalization field is dependent upon content relevancy on an individual and contextual basis. We built Newstogram™ to improve upon news relevancy and personalization in a way that allows publishers to capitalize on new ways to extend and engage their audiences.”

About DailyMe Inc.

DailyMe Inc., a digital media and technology company, specializes in products for the discovery and distribution of news content. The company’s technology platform powers a highly personalized consumer news experience on DailyMe.com as well as a suite of publisher solutions that includes news recommendations based on user behavior and contextual relevance.


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