(PRWEB) July 12, 2010 -- Variety.com, the top online destination for entertainment trade news, announces today it has adopted DailyMe's behavioral tracking and recommendation technology Newstogram. Newstogram generates data on user's interests to deliver visitors content, advertisements and e-commerce opportunities tailored specifically to them, based on their specific interests and behavior.

Newstogram operates in the background of Variety.com, tracking and analyzing the news users read at a granular level to understand visitors' specific interests and consumption behaviors. The technology does not gather personal information about users. The data generated enables Variety.com to both offer personalized news recommendations based on each visitors' news interests, and better understand their audience when it comes to content, e-commerce and advertising.

"Our audience relies on us for up-to-the-minute and breaking industry news," said Jen Collins, General Manager of Variety.com. "They're short on time and looking for specific information related to what's happening in their world at that moment. By implementing Newstogram™, we have a detailed understanding of our user's interests and can tailor Variety.com to each individual visitor, making us even more of a must-read resource than before."

"We're helping digital publishers become indispensable to their readers," said Eduardo Hauser, CEO of DailyMe. "Newstogram improves news relevancy and personalization in a way that allows sites like Variety.com - which already offers highly specific information to its targeted audience - an even more focused way to extend and engage its audience."

About DailyMe, Inc.

DailyMe is a technology company that is changing the way businesses present and monetize digital content. The company specializes in dynamic personalization for digital media and e-commerce. Its flagship service is Newstogram, a patent-pending behavioral tracking and recommendation technology which generates data on user's interests and delivers personalized content, advertisements and commerce. DailyMe's solution has been validated and deployed by leading sites. Through these partnerships, the company has amassed unique profiles on more than 25 million users. DailyMe is led by a seasoned and industry-leading team at the crossroads of technology and new media.

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