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on Sat Oct 25 7:00 PM

Msgr. William B. O’Brien, 90, Is Dead; Helped Start Drug Rehabilitation Agency


The monsignor became a powerful advocate of drug treatment programs and a fierce critic of the war on drugs.
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on Sat Oct 25 6:54 PM

ISIS Hostages Endured Torture and Dashed Hopes, Freed Cellmates Say


The death of James Foley in August at the hands of Islamic State jihadists in Syria was a very public end to a hidden ordeal shared with nearly two dozen other Westerners.
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on Sat Oct 25 5:06 PM

Oberweis: DOJ needs to investigate threats against Pastor Corey Brooks and his family


CHICAGO - U.S. Senate candidate Jim Oberweis released the following statement today in reaction to death threats made to New Beginnings Church Pastor Corey Brooks: "No person in America should be threatened for exercising their constitutional...
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on Sat Oct 25 4:31 PM

Canada Should Keep Calm and Carry On


Last week's murders in Ottawa and Quebec do nothing to change the fact that the country is one of the safest and most secure in history–and has faced much worse in the past.
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on Sat Oct 25 4:28 PM

Dolce & Gabbana Cleared Of Tax Evasion, Could Help Lionel Messi Trial


Dolce & Gabbana Are Ruled Innocent of Tax Evasion, Which Could Help Embattled Footballer Lionel Messi, Still Facing Trial In Spain, Even If it's Too Late to Help Wesley Snipes.
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on Sat Oct 25 4:21 PM

Nurse Quarantined After Treating Ebola Patients Criticizes New Rules


Kaci Hickox, who tested negative for Ebola but is under quarantine in New Jersey, said new rules will discourage aid workers from helping in Africa.
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on Sat Oct 25 4:00 PM

Climate talks, Politico amplifies BP's lies, livestock antibiotics


Co-chairs Artur Runge-Metzger and Kishan Kumarsingh during Day 4 at the Bonn climate talks. Many environmentally related posts appearing at Daily Kos each week don't attract the attention they deserve. To help get more eyeballs, Spotlight on...
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on Sat Oct 25 9:51 AM

Marussia also won't race in America says Ecclestone > F1 News >


Marussia will join fellow F1 straggler Caterham in not racing in Austin next weekend, Bernie Ecclestone has announced.
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on Fri Oct 24 10:26 PM

Google execs discuss regulation, innovation and bobble-heads


Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg help run Google, one of the world's best-known, most successful -- and most controversial -- companies. They've just published a new book, 'How Google Works,' a guide to managing what they call 'smart creatives.'
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on Thu Oct 23 1:46 PM

America's Dumbest Congressman says gays getting massages in the Army will lead to terrorism


His brain comes with front and rear crumple zones. We have not named Louie Gohmert America's Dumbest Congressman over nothing. He works hard at that title. Rep. Louie Gohmert was an in-studio guest on the "Point Of View" radio program yesterday,...
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