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on Sat May 30 9:21 AM

O'Brien: Rahm's Predictable, and Lame, Gun Control Clap Trap


By Teri O'Brien -  Rahm Emanuel is well-known for the sentence "never let a crisis go to waste," which is one of the few utterances from the Chicago mayor that we can repeat her on this family site without redaction. That statement is a...
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on Sat May 30 8:26 AM

A Journalist On Ramadi's Fall : NPR


Ayman Oghanna was embedded with Iraqi special forces in Ramadi two days before the city fell to the self-declared Islamic State. He says Iraq's elite forces are capable, but need far more support.
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on Sat May 30 8:22 AM

Ted Cruz’s rainy day socialism: How a right-wing fanatic learned to stop worrying and love redistribution


When New Jersey was underwater, Cruz slammed federal relief spending. Now he's asking for some of his own.
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on Sat May 30 8:07 AM

Monsanto’s sick new power play: Why we could all be eating their GMOs


The biotech giant is close to the biggest agribusiness merger in history. Our food supply hangs in the balance
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on Sat May 30 8:00 AM

Mike Huckabee's rhetoric of religious victimization


Just prior to announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination, Mike Huckabee addressed the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition in Waukee. “We are criminalizing Christianity in this country,” Huckabee declared. “We cannot...
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on Sat May 30 6:34 AM

America’s never-ending war on poor people: Why “The Briefcase” is just the latest assault


As a new study from the CDC and a new show from CBS expose, America's attacks on the impoverished are relentless
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on Sat May 30 6:00 AM

Team America v Fifa: did the US accidentally make itself popular? | Football


Sepp Blatter may still reign over the world game but we in the US will always have that magical week in late May 2015 when it struck a blow for the worldBefore you get too far into this column, know that it is best read with a specific soundtrack...
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on Sat May 30 5:45 AM

Liverpool transfer news and rumours: Anfield chiefs open talks on Mateo Kovacic deal


Liverpool transfer gossip: Anfield delegation flies out to open bidding with Inter Milan
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on Sat May 30 12:51 AM

Pentagon chief criticizes Beijing's South China Sea moves


China's land reclamation in the South China Sea is out of step with international rules, and turning underwater land into airfields won't expand its sovereignty, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told an international...
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on Fri May 29 4:45 PM

The Curious Case of Fudge – Intelligent Travel


People like to debate the differences between “travelers” and “tourists”—and whether such distinctions exist or even matter. I listen to them sometimes, nodding at the points being made. And then I change the subject to fudge. Because,...
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