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on Wed Sep 30 2:18 AM

Watch John Oliver DESTROY His Own Credibility Over The Migrant Crisis


The left-wing comedian knows how to make effective propaganda
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on Wed Sep 30 12:17 AM

In U.S., Xi Touted China’s Role as Global Player


A weeklong visit to America by Chinese President Xi Jinping sought to present China not just as an economic powerhouse, but as a peer and a partner of the U.S. in tackling global issues.
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on Wed Sep 30 12:13 AM

Clinton: End Obamacare tax on top health plans | Politics


Hillary Clinton said Tuesday that Congress should repeal the unpopular "Cadillac tax," an Obamacare tariff on premium health care plans. Her position is a win for unions, who vehemently opposed the tax, set to go into effect in 2018. Clinton...
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on Tue Sep 29 10:14 PM

Music industry made more money in 2015 from vinyl than ad-supported streaming


The numbers are in: vinyl is back. According to the mid-year report from the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA), vinyl sales beat out ad-supported streaming — like Spotify or Pandora's free tier or YouTube — so far...
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on Tue Sep 29 5:45 PM

Planned Parenthood Undergoes Congressional Scrutiny Over Sting Videos : NPR


House Republicans questioned the head of Planned Parenthood on Tuesday, on whether the women's health group needs federal funding.
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on Tue Sep 29 5:06 PM

Evangelicals Going to the Dogs -- and Cats -- With Major Statement on Animal Welfare | David Briggs


First, Pope Francis issued a major encyclical in June stating any act of cruelty toward any creature "is contrary to human dignity." Now, evangelicals are turning their attention to all creatures great and small. Scores of prominent evangelical...
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on Tue Sep 29 4:44 PM

How to Love Them All and Be IN LOVE with Yours | Steve McSwain


I'll be attending and presenting at the upcoming Parliament of World Religions meeting this year in Salt Lake City, October 15 - 18, 2015. The Parliament of Religions - Salt Lake City And, I thought about something Mother Teresa purportedly...
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on Tue Sep 29 4:00 PM

The Big-Money Effort To Turn The GOP Greener : NPR


Republican entrepreneur Jay Faison tells NPR's Robert Siegel why his foundation, ClearPath, brought together GOP pollsters to help find a way to get Americans to take climate change seriously.
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on Tue Sep 29 12:50 PM

Rob Portman's fellow Republicans squash his amendment to avoid future government shutdowns: Ohio Politics Roundup


A federal government shutdown appears to be averted for now. But so is Rob Portman's push to avert more of them. Read on in today's Ohio Politics Roundup. Shutting down a shutdown: "On a 77-19 vote Monday night, the Senate advanced a short-term...
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on Tue Sep 29 6:00 AM

It’s Getting Harder for Oil Companies to Make Money. Here’s Why.


Fossil fuels Illustration by Johnny Sampson One morning in May, Danielle Fugere tried to convince America's second-largest oil company to get out of the oil exploration business. Standing before a room full of Chevron shareholders in San Ramon,...
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