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on Tue Jul 29 7:19 AM

Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Obama's popularity revisited


Steve Rattner: "Check out what's happened to new claims for unemployment insurance since Obama became POTUS--and give him some credit" Seth Masket: Now, as for the part of the question about the country running well…. As I and many others have...
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on Tue Jul 29 5:22 AM

How American sitcoms depict US cities | Maria Bustillos | Cities


From the suspiciously affordable West Village in Friends to the cosmopolitan Huxtable house in The Cosby Show, sitcoms have shaped our most elemental images of urban America. Maria Bustillos surfs from Cincinnati to Queens to Springfield, USA ...
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How To Build A Feminist Workplace | Fast Company

How To Build A Feminist Workplace | Fast Company

FAST COMPANY | on Tue, Jul 29, 5:16 AM

These companies adapt to the needs of women, so employees aren't required to lean in too far.Jane Park, CEO of the Seattle-based cosmetics company Julep, is fired up about the recent Hobby Lobby ruling.Read Full Story
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on Tue Jul 29 5:14 AM

Premarkets: 5 things to know before the open


Read full story for latest details.
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Tulisa Contostavlos on her nightmare year after Mazher Mahmood cocaine sting – video | Culture

Hamas attacks by tunnel rattle Israelis on Gaza border (+video)

BIRMINGHAM NEWS | on Tue, Jul 29, 12:00 AM

Hamas soldiers infiltrated Israel for the third time in a week today. Evidence of still functioning tunnels indicates Israel's Gaza offensive isn't close to being over.
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on Mon Jul 28 11:09 PM

Portsmouth area business calendar |


Toady in Portsmouth — SCORE workshop: SCORE, volunteer counselors to America's small business and a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, will conduct the workshop "Using the Internet to Start or Grow a Small Business,"...
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on Mon Jul 28 9:46 PM

WASHINGTON: Rural hospital closures strand many in need | Health & Science


Only four days after the Pungo District Hospital in Belhaven closed its doors for good on July 1, Portia Gibbs suffered a heart attack in neighboring Hyde County, which has…Click to Continue »
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on Fri Mar 28 12:56 PM

What does it take to raise kids who are kind, smart, resilient, persistent, and cooperative?


by Carol Lloyd, Executive Editor If my personal experience as a parent has...
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