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on Tue Mar 3 9:15 PM

Making the Pot Business a Little Greener


Photo by Psychonaught via Wikimedia Commons Hezekiah Allen was given his first hard lesson in the weed business back in July 1992. It was just weeks before his ninth birthday when he heard the mechanical roar of helicopters...
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on Wed Feb 4 1:54 PM

Enough with letting Iowa go first. The first primary state should be California.


There was a time when Iowa resembled the United States: a couple of big cities, a lot of farmland and heavily white. But time passed and the United States grew more urban (81 percent to Iowa's 64) and more diverse (78 percent white to Iowa's 93)....
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on Wed Jan 28 7:02 PM

‚Äč5.7 earthquake shakes Northern California coast


No immediate reports of damage or injuries, no threat of tsunami
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on Wed Jan 21 9:22 AM

US School to Provide Vertical Tsunami Refuge


When a tsunami races toward shore, the best strategy for survival is to head inland to high ground as quickly as you can. But there are beach towns on coastlines all around the world where it would be impossible to do that, because high ground is...
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