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on Tue Aug 26 4:24 PM

A Surfer and His Dog Explore Northern California | Cyrus Saatsaz


Retracing familiar steps. Lost Coast Trail. Many people don't seem to go down the path already traveled, often times seeking new adventure when previous ones that brought memories of joy and happiness await their return. People continually...
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on Sun Aug 24 4:28 PM

Biggest Quakes by Magnitude in California


Biggest quakes in recent California history measured by magnitude
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How Many Assault Rifles Did Your Local Police Get From The Military? | Co.Design

How Many Assault Rifles Did Your Local Police Get From The Military? | Co.Design

FAST COMPANY | on Fri, Aug 22, 9:45 AM

Mapping the spread of surplus military gear throughout AmericaFor almost two weeks, people in Ferguson, Mo., have been protesting the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer. Even when the gatherings have been peaceful, the...
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on Mon Aug 18 1:54 PM

Cop widow becomes unlikely public face for Proposition 47


Nine years after her husband was gunned down, Wilson has become the most visible supporter of a sentence-reduction initiative on the November ballot that she once would have scorned as the work of "mentally ill liberals."
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on Mon Aug 11 8:20 AM

8 weird houses worth a visit


A house is just a house, right? Not if it's a pyramid or a pickle barrel.
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on Tue Aug 5 6:00 AM

Why's This Tea Party PAC Going After a Top Tea Partier?


Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-Kan.) just wanted to get rid of a program that good-government advocates consider corporate welfare. He ended up in the tea party's crosshairs instead. Since last week, voters in Kansas' 1st Congressional...
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on Tue Jul 22 8:23 PM

Big California raid targets marijuana grown on tribal land | Reuters


SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California authorities have launched a major raid to seize marijuana grown on and around a Northern California Indian reservation, joining with tribal authorities to combat illegal grow operations on native lands,...
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on Sun Jul 20 12:35 PM

'Six Californias' Voter Fraud Allegations


Silicon Valley millionaire investor Tim Draper announced last week that his proposal to split California into six separate states gathered enough signatures to place the measure on a ballot in 2016. But opponents of the so-called Six Californias...
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Three voters claim ‘Six Californias’ petition fraud - Political Blotter

Three voters claim ‘Six Californias’ petition fraud - Political Blotter

POLITICAL BLOTTER | on Tue, Jul 15, 7:08 PM

A few voters from different parts of California complain that paid signature gatherers for a ballot measure to split the Golden State into six pieces lied to them, claiming the measure did the exact opposite of what it really does. Silicon Valley...
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on Wed Dec 31 7:00 PM

New law allows California students to taste wine


College students under the age of 21 will be allowed to drink alcohol in class, as long as they're enrolled in a beer brewing or winemaking program and they refrain from swallowing, under legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown. The...
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