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on Fri Mar 27 3:49 PM

Learning to Say No to Dialysis


Some older adults with advanced kidney failure are resisting the usual answer by deciding the sacrifices required by the treatment aren’t worth it.
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Tips for health and sanity that every caregiver needs

Tips for health and sanity that every caregiver needs

PBS NEWSHOUR | on Fri, Mar 27, 3:31 PM

If it seems we are facing an epidemic of parent care and spousal care needs, it’s true. We are. You’ve probably heard the statistic that approximately 10,000 baby boomers reach age 65 every day. And with that milestone, age-related...
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on Fri Mar 27 1:30 PM

Procrastination May Have Ties to Heart Disease


Procrastinators should watch themselves; according to a recent study, putting off today what you could do tomorrow may have ties to heart disease.Read More
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on Fri Mar 27 10:50 AM

Moms' excess pregnancy weight linked to kids' obesity | Reuters


(Reuters Health) – - Mothers who are overweight before pregnancy and those who gain too much while pregnant are more likely to have obese seven-year-olds, researchers say.
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on Thu Mar 26 9:23 AM

Battling High Blood Pressure: MedlinePlus Health News Video


Source: HealthDay - Related MedlinePlus Page: High Blood Pressure
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on Wed Mar 25 10:20 AM

The Testosterone Racket Has Gotten Really Bad -- Science of Us


Ever since humans began selling stuff, hucksters have tried to capitalize off of people's fears of getting old, of losing their flexibility and athleticism, and of leading a generally less exciting and visceral life. An interesting — if...
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on Tue Mar 24 12:02 PM

Malnutrition in Africa Wears Two Faces


In a health clinic in Mathare, one of Nairobi’s roughest slums, families fill the waiting room. Here, the charity German Doctors runs a feeding program for malnourished children. Caroline Munyi, a pediatric nurse, says some of the children are...
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on Tue Mar 24 8:49 AM

Spinal surgery diminishes low back pain, improves sexual function -- ScienceDaily


Chronic low back pain can limit everyday activities, including sex. 70 percent of patients consider sexual activity "relevant" to their life quality, and patients who receive surgical treatment for spinal spondylolisthesis (DS) and spinal stenosis...
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on Mon Mar 23 2:28 PM

Along with antiretroviral medications, doctors may prescribe exercise for people with HIV -- ScienceDaily


In addition to antiretroviral medications, people with HIV may soon begin receiving a home exercise plan from their doctors, according to a researcher. An estimated 1.2 million people in the United States live with HIV, according to the Centers...
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