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on Thu Jan 22 5:07 PM

Despite Cholesterol Drop, Many Kids Still Have High Blood Pressure


BY KATHRYN DOYLE Wed Jan 21, 2015 2:50pm EST (Reuters Health) – Although pediatric high cholesterol levels in the U.S. have gone down since 1999, about one in 10 kids still has high blood pressure, according to a new study. By 2012,...
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on Thu Jan 22 1:27 PM

Salt and hypertension -- ScienceDaily


Excessive salt intake "reprograms" the brain, interfering with a natural safety mechanism that normally prevents the body's arterial blood pressure from rising, researchers have discovered.
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on Thu Jan 22 9:30 AM

Twitter Words May Predict A Region’s Risk of Heart Disease


The belief that social media platforms would improve the assessment of a community’s health or well-being has been promised for years. A new study suggests the prophecy may have been fulfilled as researchers at the University of Pennsylvania...
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on Wed Jan 21 5:00 PM

Appointment Availability after Increases in Medicaid Payments for Primary Care


New England Journal of Medicine, Ahead of Print.
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on Wed Jan 21 4:34 PM

More older adults are reporting falls | Reuters


(Reuters Health) – Since the late 1990s, almost 30 percent more adults age 65 and older are likely to say they have had a recent fall, according to a new study.
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on Wed Jan 21 11:49 AM

Twitter can predict rates of coronary heart disease, according to research -- ScienceDaily


Twitter has broken news stories, launched and ended careers, started social movements and toppled governments, all by being an easy, direct and immediate way for people to share what's on their minds. Researchers have now shown that the social...
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on Tue Jan 20 8:59 AM

Men who live alone run a greater risk of dying prematurely after stroke -- ScienceDaily


Men who live alone have a considerably greater long-term risk of dying prematurely than other patients. This is shown in a doctoral thesis that followed 1,090 stroke cases in western Sweden.
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on Tue Jan 20 1:58 AM

Kenya's Veterans Welcome Welfare Bill, Police Seek Inclusion


[Sabahi]Nairobi -A bill proposing the creation of a Department of Military Veterans in Kenya is in its final stages and is set to come before parliament after lawmakers return from recess February 10th.
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on Mon Jan 19 8:00 AM

This List of Exotic Teas From Around the World Will Amaze You


For thousands of years the Eastern world has deemed tea a crucial part of their culture, believing that consuming tea...The post This List of Exotic Teas From Around the World Will Amaze You appeared first on Lifehack.
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on Sat Jan 17 7:00 PM

How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Feet


By The Lifescript Editorial StaffIt may seem that high blood pressure (hypertension) and your feet would not be remotely connected – but they are. High blood pressure damages the blood vessels all over your body and is associated with...
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