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on Sun Apr 19 11:19 AM

Georgia Ranks 37th in Public Health Spending


According to recent data released by Trust for America’s Health on per capita spending for public health, Georgia ranks 37th. Georgia, as a state, spent $18.48 per capita on public health in 2013 and 2014, which is less than half of...
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on Fri Apr 17 9:30 AM

Emotional Trauma during Childhood Can Lead to Adult Hypertension


Repeated childhood emotional trauma appears to be linked to elevated blood pressure, suggests new research. A new study discovered the experience of multiple traumatic events during childhood — from emotional […]
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on Thu Apr 16 11:52 AM

Adverse childhood events appear to increase the risk of being a hypertensive adult -- ScienceDaily


Children who experience multiple traumatic events, from emotional and sexual abuse to neglect, have higher blood pressures as young adults than their peers, researchers report. These events include emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; emotional...
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on Thu Apr 16 8:37 AM

Systems-wide genetic study of blood pressure regulation in the Framingham Heart Study -- ScienceDaily


A genetic investigation of individuals in the Framingham Heart Study may prove useful to identify novel targets for the prevention or treatment of high blood pressure. The study takes a close look at networks of blood pressure-related genes.
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on Thu Apr 16 3:00 AM

More salt doesn't mean better performance for endurance athletes Medical News Today


SLU researcher recommends caution with sodium supplementationIn a recent study, Saint Louis University researchers found that salt pill consumption neither hurt nor helped performance for...
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on Wed Apr 15 5:00 AM

In Rebel Territory of Ukraine, Relief for Illness and Pain Is Blocked


Measures taken to isolate the separatists have left drugstore shelves empty and older residents, in particular, deprived of basic care.
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on Tue Apr 14 11:04 AM

How gum disease treatment can prevent heart disease -- ScienceDaily


A new study is helping to shed more light on the important connection between the mouth and heart. According to research, scientists have demonstrated that using an oral topical remedy to reduce inflammation associated with periodontitis, more...
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on Mon Apr 13 7:03 PM

Diabetes testing in symptomless adults may not lower risk of death | Reuters


(Reuters Health) - Expanding diabetes screening in adults to catch the disease early does not appear to keep people from dying of cardiovascular causes, according to a report designed to help shape U.S. treatment guidelines.
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on Mon Apr 13 9:52 AM

New evidence for how green tea, apples could protect health -- ScienceDaily


A new study that adds more to the growing body of evidence that certain compounds found naturally in foods have specific effects that help prevent chronic diseases. Researchers have uncovered a mechanism by which polyphenols in green tea and...
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on Mon Apr 13 7:49 AM

Pears could be part of a healthy diet to manage diabetes -- ScienceDaily


While the phrase “an apple a day” is a popular saying, a new study suggests that pears as part of a healthy diet could play a role in helping to manage type 2 diabetes and diabetes-induced hypertension. New research details potential health...
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