Track-It Obesity epidemic

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on Mon May 25 10:50 AM

Obesity Poses Complex Problem


For the last 15 years, Plymouth, England has held a symposium on obesity. It’s estimated that more than half the city’s adults are overweight or obese. The rest of Britain is not fairing much better. But what’s happening in the U.K. can also...
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on Tue May 19 3:37 AM

Health and data: can digital fitness monitors revolutionise our lives? | Society


From granular microchips to voice analysis, health-tracking technology offers medical benefits but doubt persist about the quality and security of data gatheredFrom the instant he wakes up each morning, through his workday and into the night, the...
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on Fri May 15 3:56 PM

Obesity may increase stroke risk in young adults | Reuters


(Reuters Health) - Obese young adults may be more likely to have a stroke than people who aren't overweight, a U.S. study suggests.
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Fast food kills gut bacteria that can keep you slim, study finds

Fast food kills gut bacteria that can keep you slim, study finds

PBS NEWSHOUR | on Sun, May 10, 4:41 PM

You probably didn’t need another reason to avoid fast food, but a prominent British researcher has one for you. While the highly processed ingredients and huge portions typically aren’t doing you any favors, new information says it...
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on Tue May 5 4:54 PM

Health Promotion? Here's the Thing... | David Katz, M.D.


There is no shortage of health promotion efforts in our world. Everyone hears about them all the time, and those inclined to tune in here to what I have to say may be better informed in this area than most. We have health promotion programs in...
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on Tue May 5 2:00 PM

Eating Mindfully Makes People Savor Smaller Portions


When we have smaller portions, we tend to savor the food more, eating more slowly, making the dish and the experience just as satisfying.Read More
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on Fri May 1 4:31 AM

Science reveals the causes and effects of early puberty


Obesity appears to be the major culprit, but researchers believe family stress may play a role in early development
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on Wed Apr 29 10:10 PM

Sugary drink labeling bill falls short in state Senate panel


A measure to require health warning labels on sodas and other sugary beverages fell flat in a state Senate committee Wednesday afternoon.
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on Thu Apr 23 3:00 AM

'Sugar and carbs are the obesity culprits, not lack of exercise' Medical News Today


While exercise is good for health, including reducing heart and cancer risks, it does little to counter obesity, say experts, who emphasize dietary choice is the important factor.
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Exercise Won't Fix the Obesity Epidemic, Researchers Argue

Exercise Won't Fix the Obesity Epidemic, Researchers Argue

LIVESCIENCE | on Wed, Apr 22, 7:14 PM

Lack of activity isn't what's primarily to blame for people getting fat, a few researchers are arguing.
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