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on Wed Oct 22 1:36 PM

Chicago Taps Twitter To Find Food Poisoning, Restaurant Violations


An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that Chicago was able to identify potential outbreaks of foodborne illnesses earlier by using Twitter to track down restaurants that might be violating health codes. Chicago's...
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on Wed Oct 22 8:07 AM

Mammograms, The Picture Of Health | Ellen Dolgen


If you believe the old adage, ‘the only way to have a friend is to be one,’ then this time of life, the transition through menopause, is an especially good time to be your own best friend -- especially when it comes to taking care of...
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on Tue Oct 21 4:22 PM

Competition keeps health-care costs low, U.S. researchers find -- ScienceDaily


Medical practices in less competitive health-care markets charge more for services, according to a study. The study, based on U.S. health-care data from 2010, provides important new information about the effects of competition on prices for office...
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on Tue Oct 21 4:01 PM

Diet Supplements Contain Illegal Drugs Years After Recalls


Many dietary supplements that have been recalled can still be purchased years later, and they often contain the same banned ingredients that led to their recall in the first place, a new study finds.
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on Sun Oct 19 12:00 AM

Now is the time to panic!


The end (of the election season) is near (or maybe not), and the world is going to hell in a handbasket. There's a perfect storm heading toward America's border, determined to kill us all in a show of solidarity with Africa. Its name is "Obama's...
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on Sat Oct 18 12:28 PM

Whole exome sequencing closer to becoming 'new family history' -- ScienceDaily


Approximately one-fourth of the 3,386 patients whose DNA was submitted for clinical whole exome testing received a diagnosis related to a known genetic disease, often ending a long search for answers for them and their parents, report researchers....
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on Sat Oct 18 12:26 PM

New test scans all genes simultaneously to identify single mutation causing child's rare genetic disease -- ScienceDaily


Sequencing the DNA of children with mystery genetic disorders produced a definitive diagnosis in 40 percent of one hospital’s most complex cases -- a quantum leap from the field’s 5-percent success rate 20 years ago.
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on Fri Oct 17 9:00 AM

Older Antibiotic Still Works Against Staph Infections, Study Finds: MedlinePlus


Vancomycin safe and effective, doctors should not turn to newer antibiotics, researchers say Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Pages: Antibiotics, Staphylococcal Infections
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on Tue Sep 23 2:31 PM

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