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on Sat May 2 10:09 PM

Global Immunizations Much Lower This Year, WHO Reports


Wars, disease, even personal choice have left children around the world, in rich countries and in poor, underimmunized. The World Health Organization says progress toward global vaccination targets for this year are far off track. "One out of...
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on Sat May 2 10:10 AM

"Tom Swift and his Electric Rifle" documentary exposes Taser industry


Nick Berardini was in his senior year at the University of Missouri in 2008 and working the late shift at the local TV station when a call on the police scanner changed his life. Berardini got word of an in-custody death by the Moberly Police...
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on Fri May 1 6:30 PM

Tips to Avoid a Sedentary Workplace


Research shows sitting may be the most dangerous thing you do all day.
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on Fri May 1 5:18 PM

These 5 drugs are costing the government billions


Medicare spent billions of dollars on just a handful of drugs to treat heartburn, high cholesterol, asthma and depression in 2013, a recent report revealed.
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on Fri May 1 1:26 PM

CMS Makes Medicare Rx Spending Data Available on Public Website


As part of efforts to increase transparency, CMS has made public a trove of data covering about $103 billion in Medicare prescription drug spending in 2013. The data, which are available online, show that brand-name drugs for common conditions,...
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on Fri May 1 9:30 AM

Brand-Name Medicines Dominate Medicare's $103 Billion Drug Bill : Shots


Federal officials released prescription histories of hundreds of thousands of doctors and identified the most common and costly drugs. Medicare spent the most on a purple pill for heartburn.
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on Thu Apr 30 8:45 PM

Medicare Releases Detailed Data on Prescription Drug Spending


The data, the most detailed breakdown ever provided about the prescription claims of Medicare beneficiaries, included information about 36 million patients and $103 billion in spending.
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on Thu Apr 30 7:24 PM

Even a Little Walking Can Improve Your Health, Study Suggests


People who walk for just 30 minutes daily benefit from it, a new study finds.
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on Thu Apr 30 10:27 AM

Thorner: Abortion could be a winning issue for Republicans


By Nancy Thorner -   With the U.S. Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade and its companion case Doe v. Bolton establishing "constitutionalized" abortion in all 50 states, the United States is one of the most permissive in its treatment of...
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on Thu Apr 30 1:46 AM

Preventing Suicide with Music | New Hampshire


It was about 8 p.m. when the phone rang.Michael's number. Odd that he would call at that time on a Friday night.
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