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on Mon Oct 20 10:47 PM

You Can Recover From a Snippy Email, But Prepare to Grovel - WSJ


Recovery from a snippy email is possible, experts say, but prepare to grovel. Set rules for yourself so next time you can calm down, think, delete and start over.
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on Sun Oct 19 9:50 PM

BBC News - The 'magic glass' that fixes bad eyesight


Scientists at MIT are working on trying to create "superhuman vision".
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on Sat Oct 18 6:00 AM

Light beacons let map app talk to blind people - 18 October 2014


A museum in Delhi has installed a new infrared navigation system to help visually impared people find their way with audio directions
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on Fri Oct 17 8:00 AM

E-citizens unite: Estonia opens its digital borders - 17 October 2014


Estonia has invited people to register as e-residents - a step towards a world where a person's identity online matters just as much as their identity offline
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on Thu Oct 16 9:15 PM

White House Announces Dava Newman Nomination


President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts "Dr. Dava Newman, Nominee for Deputy Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration Dr. Dava Newman is a Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems at the...
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on Thu Oct 16 5:47 PM

Similar ideas define race for elections chief


LOS ANGELES – The Democratic candidate running to become California’s top election official has worked in government since soon after graduating college and touts his familiarity with the political process. His Republican opponent left a...
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on Thu Oct 16 3:54 PM

Kaplan says she has the toughness to be mayor


Two-term councilwoman is leading in the polls, but she is still fighting the perception from many of her peers that isn't tough enough to be mayor.
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The One Question To Ask If You Want To Recruit The Best Talent Globally | Fast Company

The One Question To Ask If You Want To Recruit The Best Talent Globally | Fast Company

FAST COMPANY | on Thu, Oct 16, 6:06 AM

It might be hard to hire away, say, Google's best developer, but there's untapped talent waiting overseas--if you know where to look.When Iñaki Berenguer started his first company, he followed the advice from his advisor Paul English, founder of...
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on Wed Oct 15 4:56 PM

Optimal particle size for anticancer nanomedicines discovered -- ScienceDaily


Nanomedicines consisting of nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to specific tissues and cells offer new solutions for cancer diagnosis and therapy. In a recent study, researchers systematically evaluated the size-dependent biological profiles...
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on Wed Oct 1 4:01 PM

World's top universities 2014 according to Times Higher Education | News


The California Institute for Technology has been named the worlds best institution for the fourth consecutive year. How do other universities compare? Continue reading...
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