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on Fri Oct 24 1:00 PM

Edward Snowden: the true story behind his NSA leaks


Laura Poitras, the director of Citizenfour, tells the Telegraph how the whistle-blower entrusted her with revealing to the world his secrets about American government mass surveillance
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on Fri Oct 24 11:45 AM

IS MIT researcher being censored by Educational Testing Service?


Les Perelman is a research affiliate in the Comparative Media Studies/Writing program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he spent years as a director of undergraduate writing. He researches ways to improve student writing and has...
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on Thu Oct 23 11:00 PM

Ebola rises, crashes as McSally campaign issue


Sometimes a candidate catches a wave; other times the wave swamps candidate.
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on Thu Oct 23 12:50 PM

This is what brain cell conversations look like - health - 23 October 2014


Modifying neurons to flash as electrical impulses pass along them lets researchers grow light-up brains in a dish and eavesdrop on their chatter
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on Thu Oct 23 12:42 PM

Historic quantum software is run for the first time - physics-math - 23 October 2014


Written 20 years ago, the first algorithm to tap into the ultra-fast potential of quantum computing has been run on a real machine at long last
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Obama Nominates Dava Newman To Be NASA Deputy Administrator

Obama Nominates Dava Newman To Be NASA Deputy Administrator

SPACE.COM | on Wed, Oct 22, 4:26 PM

U.S. President Barack Obama has nominated Dava Newman to become the next deputy administrator of NASA.
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on Wed Oct 22 12:43 PM

Scientists Build Robots to Live With Humans


Industrial robots are already working in many factories around the world and in our homes, for instance as smart vacuum cleaners.  Scientists say in a few years we will start seeing so-called "social robots," capable of engaging with...
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on Tue Oct 21 5:45 PM

'Big Data' Research Effort Faces Student-Privacy Questions


A coalition of prominent research universities is receiving federal support to redesign and scale up a massive repository for analyzing learning and behavioral data.
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on Sun Aug 24 12:16 AM

Florida Polytechnic survives controversy to enroll its first STEM students


Florida Polytechnic University defied its doubters by managing to open for business just two years after its controversial creation by the state Legislature.
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on Thu Aug 21 4:15 PM

Juliet Marine's Ghost Boat Will Be Hard Sell to U.S. Navy


Gregory Sancoff built the “attack helicopter of the sea.” Will the Navy buy it?
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