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on Thu Apr 24 8:19 PM

Calculating the costs of pollution


The EPA's rule on mercury will save lives.Last week, a divided court of appeals upheld what may well be the most important environmental rule in the nation's history: the Environmental Protection Agency's mercury standards. The regulation is...
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on Thu Apr 24 2:49 AM

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[SciDev.Net]An early mention of the upcoming "Industrial Revolution of data" can be found in a blog by Joe Hellerstein, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley.
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on Wed Apr 23 5:09 PM

Not just the poor live hand-to-mouth -- ScienceDaily


Thirty to 40 percent of US households live hand-to-mouth, but new research has found that most of those people aren't poor. Stimulus programs -- such as those in 2001, 2008 and 2009 -- are designed to boost the economy quickly by getting cash into...
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on Wed Apr 23 3:50 PM

It's now possible to wirelessly charge 40 smartphones from 16 feet away


Korean researchers have shown it's possible to wirelessly transmit power over a distance of 16 feet and charge up to 40 smartphones.
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on Tue Apr 22 5:24 PM

Jetblue Pilots Union - Apr. 22, 2014


Read full story for latest details.
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Nano Webs Could Counterfeit-Proof Credit Cards

Nano Webs Could Counterfeit-Proof Credit Cards

LIVESCIENCE | on Tue, Apr 22, 1:21 PM

Money, gadgets and credit cards could soon have tiny, invisible anti-counterfeiting "fingerprints" embedded into them, making it pretty much impossible to falsify such objects, say scientists.
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on Tue Apr 22 6:02 AM

Opinion: On Easter, Jesus' Evolution Tells of Changing America


Stephen Prothero ("National Geographic," April 19, 2014) Every year, in the Christian calendar, Jesus is born (on Christmas), dies (on Good Friday), and rises from the dead (on Easter). But the popular persona of Jesus has also been born...
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on Tue Apr 22 1:03 AM

American Meb Keflezighi gives Boston Marathon story a stirring finish (+video)


Meb Keflezighi, who came to the US at age 12, is the first American man to win the Boston Marathon in 31 years. He dedicated the win to the spirit of the city a year after the bombings.
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on Mon Apr 21 11:05 PM

Questions abound over teen stowaway's "miracle" flight


How was he able to get past airport security? And how did he survive at 38,000 feet?
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How jet stowaways can survive cold, lack of oxygen

How jet stowaways can survive cold, lack of oxygen

YAHOO! NEWS - THE CUTLINE | on Mon, Apr 21, 7:58 PM

Trips like teen's journey to Hawaii inside wheel well survived with surprising frequency.
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