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on Thu Oct 30 7:34 PM

Defense Department objects to Eastern Shore wind project


A politically divisive Eastern Shore wind energy project hit a new roadblock Thursday, as the Pentagon lodged a formal objection to it, saying the towering turbines would interfere with operations at Naval Air Station Patuxent River across the...
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on Thu Oct 30 7:02 PM

Scott Walker’s minimum wage farce: Why he’s determined to keep it down


The governor's administration insists $7.25 is a "living wage." Its source is the state's restaurant lobby
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'Small World' Photo Contest Winners

'Small World' Photo Contest Winners

LIVESCIENCE | on Thu, Oct 30, 5:38 PM

A peek into the mouth of a microscopic animal took the top award in photo contest that honors all this small.
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on Thu Oct 30 8:00 AM

Winning Microscope Photographs Are Beautiful, Intriguing, and Creepy


The winner's of Nikon's annual Small World microscope photography contest this year include images of transgenic kidneys, a cricket's tongue, spider eyes, and a scarlet pimpernel. The first-place photograph was chosen out of more than 1,200...
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on Thu Oct 30 5:50 AM

Why John Maynard Keynes's Theories Can Fix the World Economy


What the British economist is still telling us about recessions
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on Wed Oct 29 4:51 PM

Scientists Pinpoint Genetic Origins of More Than 20 Autoimmune Diseases


Scientists have discovered genetic links that could put them closer to finding better treatments for a range of diseases, including multiple sclerosis, juvenile diabetes, lupus and arthritis.    Their genetic research has led to a road map...
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on Wed Oct 29 12:57 PM

Mass. Amps Up Security In Wake Of General Terror Threats


Massachusetts public safety agencies are beefing up security at public buildings and locations around the state as a response to recent violence both domestic and abroad, including the attack last week at Canada's capitol.
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on Wed Oct 29 9:06 AM

Dear Elon Musk: AI Demon Not Scariest


Elon Musk sees AI as a threat to our existence. I see more immediate problems.
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on Wed Oct 29 6:00 AM

Demystifying the MOOC -


O.K., so massive open online courses didn’t change the world. Professional development is far less inspirational. But that doesn’t mean they’re failures.
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on Tue Oct 28 12:25 PM

1 in 6 female undergrads sexually assaulted on MIT campus, survey finds | The Rundown


In an unprecedented, broad-based survey, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology polled students about their attitudes and experiences with sexual assault on campus. One in six female undergraduate students who responded to the survey say...
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