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Part of a Long Tradition

Part of a Long Tradition

TIME | on Wed, Dec 17, 7:08 PM

This sort of thing happens pretty much every year
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on Wed Dec 17 6:44 PM

Bo Pelini takes parting shot at Nebraska Cornhuskers leadership


Bo Pelini was introduced as Youngstown State's new coach Wednesday, but his departure from Nebraska continues to overshadow his Ohio homecoming.
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on Wed Dec 17 3:00 PM

Incoming Cast Alert! Meet the New Broadway Company of IT'S ONLY A PLAY


We want you to get to know the new cast members before their opening night. Get acquainted with the incoming company below
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on Wed Dec 17 10:51 AM

The Muny Announces Creative Teams for 2015 Season; Marc Bruni, Gary Griffin, Marcia Milgrom Dodge & More!


The Muny announced today the directors, choreographers and music directors for the Muny's 2015 Season, which opens on June 15 with My Fair Lady. 'This is a thrilling roster of artists,' said Muny Artistic Director and Executive Producer Mike...
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on Tue Dec 16 4:00 PM

Music Classes Boost Language Skills, Study Says: MedlinePlus


Kids who actively participate show greater thought processing gains Source: HealthDay Related MedlinePlus Page: Child Development
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on Mon Dec 15 12:00 PM

Sparks Literally Fly When Sperm Connects With Egg : Discovery News


Sparks are said to fly when people are in love, and now science proves this literally happens when an egg and sperm hit it off.
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on Mon Dec 15 11:45 AM

Stunning zinc fireworks when egg meets sperm -- ScienceDaily


Sparks literally fly when a sperm and an egg hit it off. The fertilized mammalian egg releases from its surface billions of zinc atoms in 'zinc sparks,' one wave after another, scientists have found. Using cutting-edge technology they developed,...
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on Mon Dec 15 8:49 AM

'Genome editing' could correct genetic mutations for future generations -- ScienceDaily


A technique for 'editing' the genome in sperm-producing adult stem cells has been demonstrated by researchers, a result with powerful potential for basic research and for gene therapy. The study involved spermatogonial stem cells, which are the...
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on Mon Dec 15 8:00 AM

AI Recognizes Cats the Same Way Physicists Calculate the Cosmos


New research suggests physicists, computers and brains employ the same procedure to tease out important features from among other irrelevant bits of data. The post AI Recognizes Cats the Same Way Physicists Calculate the Cosmos appeared first on...
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on Sun Dec 14 7:00 PM

5 Cancer Risks You Can Easily Avoid


By Nicole Sheree Saunders, Special to LifescriptDoes the possibility of cancer haunt you or your family members? It doesn’t have to. Research shows that many common risk factors can be prevented. In fact, experts say that almost half of...
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