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What Is Static Electricity?

What Is Static Electricity?

LIVESCIENCE | on Fri, Jul 24, 1:52 AM

Static electricity results from an imbalance between negative and positive charges in objects.
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on Thu Jul 23 3:00 PM

'Kitchens of the Great Midwest': Just something J. Ryan Stradal whipped up


When he was 5, J. Ryan Stradal wrote his name in crayon on the inside jackets of his favorite books. Only he didn't write "property of"; he wrote "written by."
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on Thu Jul 23 2:59 PM

The hidden ethics battle in the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue scandal


(RNS) The furor is, at root, an unwinnable war over "personhood," the legality of abortion and the ethics of finding cures for life in the death of a fetus. The post The hidden ethics battle in the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue scandal appeared...
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on Thu Jul 23 12:00 PM

Genetic Switch Starts Aging Clock : Discovery News


Aging could happen at once, rather than over time -- and it may be possible to block the signal to begin the aging process.
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on Thu Jul 23 11:38 AM

Companies are spending millions on bias training that isn't working


Facebook recently redoubled its efforts on bias training when its diversity numbers barely budged from last year, now at 16% female, 3% Hispanic and 1% black among its tech workers. The company reworked its Managing Bias course to be “harder...
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on Wed Jul 22 8:00 AM

Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater: A Midsummer Night’s Couple


This pair of actors, increasingly cast in Shakespeare in the Park productions, have built a chemistry onstage and off.
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on Tue Jul 21 10:45 AM

The Test That Can Look Into a Child's (Reading) Future


If this isn't an honest-to-goodness crystal ball, it's close. Neurobiologist Nina Kraus believes she and her team at Northwestern University have found a way — a half-hour test — to predict kids' literacy skill long before...
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on Wed Jul 15 11:26 AM

Time spent on smartphone, GPS location sensor data detect depression -- ScienceDaily


Depression can be detected from your smartphone sensor data by tracking the number of minutes you use the phone and your daily geographical locations, reports a new study. The more time you spend using your phone, the more likely you are...
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on Wed Jul 1 8:37 AM

Virtual human -- based on FBI training -- shows them how to ace job interview -- ScienceDaily


Finding a job is difficult for veterans with PTSD and individuals with severe mental illness, who have high unemployment rates though many want to work. The job interview can be a major hurdle. A special training program using a virtual human --...
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on Tue Jun 2 7:57 AM

Teens turn to Internet to cope with health challenges -- ScienceDaily


While most teens tap online sources to learn more about puberty, drugs, sex, depression and other issues, a surprising 88 percent said they do not feel comfortable sharing their health concerns with Facebook friends or on other social networking...
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