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on Fri Nov 28 3:23 PM

Ginsburg back at home, expected at court next week | Politics


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has returned home after undergoing an operation to implant a heart stent to clear a blocked artery and is expected to hear oral arguments on Monday.
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on Fri Nov 28 3:22 PM

Obama defends legal authority — to pardon turkeys | Nation & World


President Barack Obama has issued an executive action that some of his Republican opponents may be hard-pressed to disagree with -- sparing Thanksgiving turkeys from the dinner table.
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on Fri Nov 28 2:00 PM

Plans for ceasefire in Aleppo on verge of collapse as rebels fear 'another Srebrenica'


Blueprint for a localised ceasefire is rejected by rebel fighters despite urgent need for humanitarian aid to Syria's largest city
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on Fri Nov 28 1:39 PM

PA-Sen: Casey Critiques President Obama’s Syria Strategy


The State’s Senior Senator cautions against shifting focus off Assad in Washington Post Op-Ed.
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on Fri Nov 28 12:32 PM

Jeff Sessions claims research shows Congress may block funding for Obama's immigration amnesty order


U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Mobile  MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Mobile, is claiming this week that Congress has the authority to defund President Barack Obama's recently announced plans to offer limited amnesty to as many as...
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on Fri Nov 28 11:30 AM

Now We Face 2016! by Michael Tomasky


Michael Tomasky Here we are, entering the twilight of the Barack Obama era, which opened with some observers touting a certain Democratic realignment and with millions of liberal hearts pulsating with hope. Now it...
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on Fri Nov 28 8:30 AM

Secrets of Obama’s evolution: The inside story of how the president backed gay marriage


The behind-the-scenes story of how same-sex couples took on the politicians and pundits — and won
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on Fri Nov 28 7:00 AM

A Facebook Change Makes It Harder for Political Campaigns to See Your Friends


The move to limit access is good for users’ privacy, but also probably for Facebook’s bottom line.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves hospital after stent implant

Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves hospital after stent implant

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | on Fri, Nov 28, 5:20 AM

The 81-year-old jurist was sent home and was expected to be at work when the court hears its next round of oral arguments on Monday.
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on Fri Nov 28 4:04 AM

Pentagon Expected To Release More Detainees From Guantanamo : NPR


Since the midterm elections, there has been a new batch of transfers from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and more releases are in the works. But a new GOP Congress could stall the drive to empty Guantanamo.
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