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2 hours 57 minutes ago

Slower U.S. healthcare cost rise extending life of Medicare fund: trustees | Reuters


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Slower growth in U.S. healthcare spending and expected savings from Obamacare are shoring up the funding outlook for the federal Medicare program that covers the hospital bills of the elderly, trustees of the program said on...
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on Mon Jul 28 12:34 PM

WASHINGTON: Millions displaced by religious violence in 2013 | National Politics


Millions of people were forced from their homes because of their religious beliefs last year, the U.S. government said Monday, citing the devastating impact of conflicts in Syria, Iraq and…Click to Continue »
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on Mon Jul 28 12:23 PM

NASA's laser-powered drilling robot can search for life on Jupiter's ice moon (video) | VentureBeat | Science


While NASA is constantly thinking of ways to discover life beyond our solar system, there’s plenty of reason to believe we might not need to look that far. One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, is covered with a thick sheet of ice, and could...
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on Mon Jul 28 12:18 PM

WASHINGTON: Medicare hospital fund to last 4 years longer | Business


Medicare's finances are looking brighter, the government said Monday. The program's giant hospital trust fund won't be exhausted until 2030 — four years later than last year's estimate.Click to Continue »
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on Mon Jul 28 12:15 PM

Not in my backyard: US sending dirty coal abroad


NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Coal from Appalachia rumbles into this port city, 150 railroad cars at a time, bound for the belly of the massive cargo ship Prime Lily. The ship soon sets sail for South America, its 80,000 tons of coal destined for...
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on Mon Jul 28 11:48 AM

WASHINGTON: US fuming over Israeli criticism of Kerry | National Politics


The Obama administration pushed back Monday at a torrent of Israeli criticism aimed at Secretary of State John Kerry's latest bid to secure a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, with…Click to Continue »
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on Mon Jul 28 11:33 AM

Strike hits Gaza park, killing at least 10 as Israelis, Palestinians trade blame


GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A strike on a Gaza park killed 10 people today, nine of them children, as Israeli and Palestinian authorities traded blame over the attack and fighting in the Gaza war raged on despite a major Muslim holiday.
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on Mon Jul 28 10:13 AM

WASHINGTON: White House: EU, US to impose new Russia sanctions | National Politics


The White House says it expects the European Union to impose new sanctions this week against Russia, including against key sectors of the Russian economy, and that the United States…Click to Continue »
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on Mon Jul 28 8:00 AM

New poll has Sam Brownback losing reelection by eight points


Want the scoop on hot races around the country? Get the digest emailed to you each weekday morning. Sign up here. Leading Off: • KS-Gov: Let's not beat around the bush: A new SurveyUSA poll finds Republican Gov. Sam Brownback trailing state...
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on Mon Jul 28 7:57 AM

Opinion: Crisis, opportunity for lame duck president?


A crisis like the Gaza conflict or the surge of immigrants can be an opportunity for a lame duck president, writes Julian Zelizer
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