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on Sat Jul 4 7:04 AM

Ann Coulter is white supremacists’ new hero: The most nauseating revelations from “Adios, America!”


A close examination of her new book's end notes reveals the conservative pundit routinely cites white nationalists
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on Fri Jun 26 11:50 AM

Is America Becoming More Islamophobic? | Todd Green, Ph.D.


In August 2010, the cover of Time asked "Is America Islamophobic?" Bobby Ghosh wrote the featured article in response to the intense and at times ugly debate surrounding the proposed Park51 Islamic Center in Lower Manhattan that engulfed the...
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on Sat May 30 4:42 AM

Tense standoff outside US mosque over cartoon protest


Anti-Islam protesters - some of them heavily armed - faced off against religious rights demonstrators outside a US mosque on Friday, in a tense but peaceful standoff
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