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on Wed Jan 28 6:30 PM

Senate fails to fast-track KXL, off-shore drilling plan announced


Part of the Brooks range in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The Department of Interior  announced this week that its management plan for ANWR, including the petroleum-rich  coastal plain, will continue for the next 15 or so years....
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Melting Glaciers Pose a Carbon Menace

Melting Glaciers Pose a Carbon Menace

LIVESCIENCE | on Wed, Jan 21, 11:58 AM

Melting glaciers pose another threat beyond sea level rise. They will dump massive amounts of organic carbon into the world's oceans, altering ecosystems.
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on Mon Jan 19 12:45 PM

Melting glaciers have big carbon impact -- ScienceDaily


As Earth warms, scientists have been focused on how glaciers melting will affect sea level rise. But, another lurking impact is the amount of carbon that will be released when glaciers melt. This is the first attempt to calculate how much carbon...
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Your political Wake-Up Call for January 8

Your political Wake-Up Call for January 8

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | on Thu, Jan 8, 7:55 AM

Good morning and welcome to Wake-Up Call, your guidebook to the latest in city, state, and national political news...
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